6. Best time to call

9. Please list three (3) personal (not related to you) references–i.e., persons who know you very well–and enter the day and evening telephone numbers for each reference. ext

10. Do any children live in your home or visit frequently?

11. Do you rent or own your home?

13. In what type of home do you reside–i.e., single-family, townhome, row home, apartment, condo, etc.?

15. Do you have a yard?

21. Does your homeowner or tenant insurance underwriter prohibit you from adopting the breed of dog for which you are applying? (If not, please understand that your home owner’s insurance may drop you or not cover your dog if you disclose you have a pit bull breed).

27. Have you and your family discussed the responsibilities, time and effort that the dog will require?

30. Are you willing, able and prepared to provide the full cost of the care for this dog, including routine and emergency medical care, food, grooming, toys, etc.?

43. Would you prefer a male or female dog, or does it matter?

***By submitting this adoption application, you are agreeing to our adoption process consisting of a home inspection and a meet and greet with all family members and resident dogs. The behavior of any animal can sometimes be unpredictable, so a controlled environment is a MUST during all of our meet and greets with potential adopters and their companion dog(s).

Please give up to 7 days to process application. Make sure your email address and phone number are correct, as we will contact you with any questions to further along the adoption process.

Non-refundable adoption donation fees (Paid when adoption is finalized. A deposit of half of the adoption fee may be asked for dogs who aren't fully ready to go to their forever home) 6 months and under: $400 7 months to 1 year: $350 2 years to 5 years: $300 6 years to 8 years: $200 Over 8 years: $175 For your convenience, we accept cash, money order, PayPal, and credit/debit cards. There will be a $17 service fee for any transactions done via credit, debit, or PayPal. Sorry, no personal checks! Thank you for your interest in a pit bull!

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