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Fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding things you can do as a pit bull lover.  Shelters are full to capacity with these wonderful animals.  We do not have a physical building to temporarily home our dogs in need.  This is why we rely on our foster families to house our dogs while they are waiting to join their forever family.  By being a foster family, you can save a precious life.  You can give them the comfort, love, shelter, and care they are longing for and desperately need.  Fostering is not a financial burden.  We provide the initial supply of food, vet care, crate (if needed), toys, and other items as available.


Will YOU open up your heart and home to save a life?

To begin the process of fostering a pit bull in need of a temporary home, please complete our online foster application or download it and email to

If you cannot foster, please consider posting one of our foster fliers at your vet clinic, favorite coffee shop, workplace, pet store, or anywhere else a pit bull lover might notice!

Download/Print Here


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