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THE CLASSIFIEDS           Forever Homes Needed, Continued

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Distinquished, Sweet, Male, 10, looking for my new best friend. I already know tricks and I know you will love me if you just give me a chance



To my new best friend,

My name is Sal and the nice people here call me Old Man Sal. They are so nice so I don’t correct them; I am only 10. I am one of their favorites but I’m not supposed to tell anyone in case the other dogs get jealous. So let’s just keep it between us. I love life and I am a real sweetheart. I still have some pep in my step and still enjoy playing. I get along with cats and other laid back dogs. I love treats and I will sit pretty every time.

I really want a place to call my own. I love to relax and I will be a great cuddle buddy.  I am up to date with all my shots, and I’m microchipped but don’t worry if you take me home I’m staying put!  Please come see me and I know you will know immediately I’m the guy for you!


Your BFF,

(Not So Old) Sal

 Sal is currently located at Edison Animal Shelter.


Find more information about Sal here.

Or if you prefer you can email Edison Animal Shelter here.

Visit Sal in person at:

Edison Animal Shelter

125 Municipal Blvd.,

Edison, NJ 08817

Our phone is 732-248-7278


Friendly, funny, male, 10 seeking my future forever family. I love to play and will play ball all day long if you let me. I'm a cuddler.



Dear Future Family,

My name is Jake and I am a currently living at Edison Animal Shelter. I came in as a stray and the shelter thinks I am about 8 years young! I love life and the nice people at the shelter say I make everyone smile! I still love to play fetch and take long walks (if you are up for it). My favorite toy is my large ball. I will bring it to you all day long if you want to throw it. I also like to push it back to you with my nose which everyone thinks is so adorable. I get along with other dogs but small animals and cats I should probably avoid.

I am an older gentleman and I have a few older gentleman issues. I don’t like to talk about it but I figure if you are going to be my human you need to know. If I get overly excited I sometimes leak a few drops of urine. Now you know. If you have tile or hard surfaced floors it’s no big deal, otherwise I have no problem wearing a belly-band. I am also a little bow-legged and my back is a bit hunched, but that doesn't stop me from running, playing and having fun. Since I am a bit

wobbly the nice people here think I should be in an adult family home or with a family with older children that will play with me in the yard. Let’s face it, it’s not easy getting old.

Your future favorite dog,


 Jake is currently located at Edison Animal Shelter.


Find more information about Jake here.

Or if you prefer you can email Edison Animal Shelter here.

Visit Jake in person at:

Edison Animal Shelter

125 Municipal Blvd.,

Edison, NJ 08817

Our phone is 732-248-7278


Handsome, Gentle, Male, 10, are you looking for a fun, playful, shadow that just wants to hang out with everyone? Look no further!



Hi Everyone Blu here.

I am a very easy-going kind of guy. I love people of all ages and dogs of all sizes. I don’t discriminate...except for cats. I lived with a family for a long time, but they took me to a high-intake shelter because they said they didn’t have enough space for me. Luckily, Pawsitively Purrfect Rescue saved me, and I am now living with the best foster family ever! They have 3 other dogs and a baby.

Although my foster family is great I would really love to find my forever home. I am not great at counting, but they tell me I am about 10 years old. But age is just a number; I feel like 5 at the most. I love to play with my soft toys and chew on my bones. I love to bring my soft toys with me from room to room! I love to follow my humans and I figure why not bring a toy just in case I might be there awhile.  

I am move-in ready! I have all of my shots, I am housetrained, and I am microchipped.  I am very gentle, and I know my manners. I LOVE to cuddle and if you have time I will never turn down a pat or belly rub! But I’m just as happy just hanging out with everyone (And if you don't want to cuddle, don't worry, because I always have my soft toy!).  I don’t need a lot of space and I promise I will give you all the love you can handle.


Blu is currently located at Pawsitively Purrfect Rescue


Find more information about Blu here.

Or if you prefer you can email Pawsitively Purrfect here.


Hey! I’m Phoenix. I’m a very sweet and loving 10 year-old-pit. My family brought me to the vet to be euthanized because they couldn’t take me with them and didn’t see another option. Lucky for me, the vet refused and The Sanctuary at Haafsville took me in. Although I may be ‘older,’ I still have a playful side. I enjoy playing with a ball or rope toy, and chewing on an occasional bone. Sometimes, my foster dad has to set some boundaries with my dog and human friends during play time because I can get a little intense, but I am learning and respond well to correction. I walk well on the leash too and really enjoy my exercise, unless there’s really loud trucks! I never have any accidents in the house and I have integrated so well with my foster siblings, but now I'm ready for my forever.


Right now, my foster family is working to figure out if I have allergies or a skin infection due to some redness. But, if the antibiotics don’t clear it up, no worries; I’ve heard that plenty of dogs control their allergies just fine with the right medications. My favorite thing to do is sleep on the couch and hang out with my foster humans and get my head scratched! I’m pretty much a great companion in any home; I love meeting everyone and am very social.


It’s probably best that I live with children over 10 though, because of my size and my love for playing!  I get along with female and male dogs very well; slow introductions with my current


An adorable couch potato

Playful, handsome, free-spirited gent gent searching for a forever partner to go exploring with. Do you like to play fetch or tug of war or cuddle on the couch? Look no further!

foster siblings worked with great success. But, I don’t require doggy friends. I would also do great as an only dog who gets to be the center of attention! I have been around cats at the Sanctuary and don’t react in a negative way. I mean maybe I’d chase them if I thought it was a game, but I’m not fully copping to that quite yet. Come on, give me a chance.

Phoenix is currently in foster care at The Sanctuary at Haafsville


Find more information about Phoenix here


If you are interested in adopting this handsome boy, please call (610)392-4804 to discuss possibly setting up an appointment or you can email The Sanctuary at Haafsville here


Stylish and Fit!

Playful, Fit, Sweet, Female, Senior 7 seeks a new home with my partner in crime, Clyde. If you an exercise buddy look no further.


Hi all! 


We're Bonnie and Clyde. Peaceable Kingdom found us as strays-tethered outdoors. We've lost track of time, but the vet told us that we're both around seven. The volunteers here told us that we've been through enough; thus, they've decided to try to find us a forever home together! We're pretty excited about it too, because at this point, we can't imagine life without one another. We don't want to be split up. So, this is the part where you're thinking, 'I can't possibly adopt two dogs at one time!' But we're here to tell you, that it's totally possible. In fact, because we're seniors, we're extremely easy-going and laid-back. It's really like adopting one dog!


Seriously, we're a real lady and gentleman over here! We're both calm, patient, loving, and really enjoy our couch time. Not gonna lie, everyone says Bonnie has a bit more pep in her step. But, honestly, bring out the popcorn, put on some Netflix, give us a couple pats, and both of us are never leaving that couch. 


At the end of the day, we know we're asking for a lot. But we believe with our whole hearts that our forever is waiting for us, and we're ready to find it together. We're sweet, we're calm, we like to cuddle and give kisses, and lastly we LOVE to make new friends. We're even up to making new dog friends, we just need to be introduced to them at the shelter first. And we haven't me cats yet, but all you have to do is request and we'll give it a try! What more can you ask for? So give us a chance and come and meet us. Pretty please, with a cherry on top?



Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde are currently located at Peaceable Kingdom Shelter


Find more information about Bonnie here and Clyde here.

Or if you prefer, you can email Peaceable Kingdom shelter here.

Kind, Gentle, Male, 7

looking for a lifetime companion. I like to walk on sunny days and cuddle on snowy nights, I love a long nap, kisses, good

food, and Bonnie.


Gorgeous, Senior, Female, 10 years young, seeking a family that will love me forever. If you are looking for a professional snuggler, I'm your gal!


Who doesn't love a snuggler!

Hi, I’m Bear. I’m looking for my happily-ever-after with a person/people who will love me unconditionally. Is that you? My foster mom wonders how anyone could mistreat me, but I was mistreated and my previous owner didn’t take care of my medical issues. Luckily, Humane Law Enforcement came and saved me. They brought me to the shelter where staff and volunteers provided the necessary medical treatment to get me feeling good again. They nursed me back to health and showed me lots of love and now I’m in foster care. I will have to eat special food and be on medication for some allergies possibly for the rest of my life, but that doesn't stop me from being a happy girl. Some of my hobbies include snuggling, walks, chewing my bone, snuggling, playing with my fluffy toys, snuggling, and more walks. Did I mention that I like to snuggle? On the sofa, on the floor, in bed… anywhere. I can snuggle anywhere. I know a few commands too: come, sit, paw and

down. I walk very nicely on my leash AND I’m housebroken! I’m very happy meeting new people too. I greet them with a few sniffs, tail wags, and a butt wiggle (I wiggle extra fast if I think they are holding a treat!). I am a very good girl and would love a forever family of my own. You can email my foster mom at if you want to learn more about me. I can’t wait to meet you!

Love, Bear.

Bear is currently located at the Pennsylvania SPCA


Find more information about Bear here.

Or if you prefer, you can email the Pennsylvania SPCA here.

See her in person at:
350 E. Erie Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19134


And I'm not usually one to brag, but no one was disagreeing if you catch my drift. I've got a pretty easy-going, go-with-the-flow kind of personality. I know to never pull on the leash; in fact, the volunteers say I walk like a dream. And I even know some basic commands. I can't wait to learn more either, if it means I get some treats! Next, they always make sure to do behavioral assessments on all of the dogs here at the PSPCA; this ensures we go to the best home! And, guess what? I passed with flying colors, unsurprisingly. This means, I can pretty much go home with anyone. In the shelter, my motto has become "Always Keep Wagging." I know it's gonna get better; it can't get much worse. After all, I was seized for cruelty and neglect in October. I was completely emaciated. The humans didn't want to feed me. But since I've come here, I have gained lots of weight. And look at how handsome I am now! All the ladies love me. Alright, well since I got all the good stuff out of the way, I guess I better tell you the "not-so-good." Listen, nobody's perfect! I've got  severe arthritis, but it's under control with some medication. And the vet says I

Gentle, Sweet, Male, 10, seeking a forever home. Looking for a true gentleman who is a cuddle bug? I'm your guy.


Hey guys! I'm Valdy. Well, here it goes-the big sell. To start, I LOVE to cuddle; in fact, I'm pretty much a big teddy bear. Somebody in the shelter said, 'Seriously you are the sweetest, gentlest dog I've ever met!


do have a heart murmur, but come on, I'm old! My ticker's doing it's best here. And from time to time, I tend to drip a little urine, but they've run all the tests and say that they can't find any obvious issues. My bladder's just a bit tired too, okay? But, I will happily wear a belly band to prevent this from being an issue. I do my best to try not to to mark inside the shelter. It's just those tiny dribbles I don't notice. I've become a favorite here, and I'm happy everyone's been so kind to me. But I'm ready for my forever now. And quite frankly, I deserve it.

Valdy is currently located at the Pennsylvania SPCA

Find more information about Valdy here.

Or if you prefer you can email the Pennsylvania SPCA here.

See him in person at:
350 E. Erie Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19134

What a sweetie!

Playful, Loveable, Male, 7.5 looking for "my person". I'm smart, loving and adventurous. I promise to love you forever!


The cool, quiet type

Ashton here!


I'm a friendly and curious guy. I love exploring and learning new stuff, and although I need a little time to get used to new people and new things, once I come out of my shell I am playful and lovable as can be. You can click here to see a cute video of me playing in my wading pool on a hot day!  

My friends at the shelter are all talking about how smart I am - I know "sit", and I'm working on "give paw".  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? My people also say I'm housetrained, because I don't have accidents in my kennel. Although I've met some nice people here at the shelter who hang out with me and teach me new things, I really want to find my forever home where I can just relax and be my wonderful self.  I'm fine with going in my crate


and riding in the car, and I just might be the perfect addition to your family.


Why not come down to the shelter and ask to meet me? I've been very patient waiting for my person and I hope it is you! I have a lot of love to give, if you just give me a chance.

Ashton is currently located at the Pennsylvania SPCA


Find more information about Ashton here.

Or if you prefer you can email the Pennsylvania SPCA here.

See him in person at:
350 E. Erie Ave.

Philadelphia, PA 19134


Saved Elderbulls